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A Dictionary of Hearing

47.05€ 42.35€
Discount -10 %
ISBN - 9781604068283
Autor(es) - Maryanne Tate-Maltby
Editora - Thieme
Ano de Edição - 2013
N º de Páginas - 272


A Dictionary of Hearing is a comprehensive reference that defines terms used in audiology, ENT, and related areas. This dictionary covers a wide range of terms in audiology and will be very useful to students and professionals in the field of hearing, including audiologists, nurses and doctors, teachers of the deaf, and speech and language therapists.

Key Features:

- Contains over 4,000 common and uncommon audiological terms with clear meanings
- Includes the etymology of words, providing a historical context for students
- Entries have the breadth and depth of definition that students and professionals need
- This dictionary is an essential resource that all professionals in the field of audiology will want to have at their fingertips.