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Client-Centered Practice in Occupational Therapy: A Guide to Implementation

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ISBN - 9780443101717
Autor(es) - Thelma Sumsion (Editora)
Editora - Churchill Livingstone
Ano de Edição - 2006
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N º de páginas: 200

2ª Edição

Ano de Edição: 2006


In the second edition of Client-Centred Practice in Occupational Therapy, all chapters have been updated and new concepts incorporated. It also contains a new chapter on paediatrics. The book continues to be the only onle that provides the reader with both the theoretical underpinnings of client-centred practice as well as guidance on the practical application of this approach.

Table of Contents

Contributors Page.
Foreword by Christine Craik.
Foreword by John Glossop.

Chapter 1 - Overview of Client-Centred Practice (T. Sumsion).
Chapter 2 - The Client-Centred Approach (T.Sumsion).
Chapter 3 - Environmental Considerations (T. Sumsion).
Chapter 4 - Implementation Issues (T. Sumsion).
Chapter 5 - Implementing Client-Centred Practice (D. Parker).
Chapter 6 - Using a Client-Centred Approach with Persons with Cognitive Impairment (S. Hobson).
Chapter 7 - Using a Client-Centred Approach with Elderly People (S. Hobson).
Chapter 8 - Ask, Listen and Learn: What Clients with a Mental Illness can Teach you about Client-Centred Practice (D. Corring and J. Cook).
Chapter 9 - Physical Disabilities: Meeting the Challenges of Client-Centred Practice (M. Gage).
Chapter 10 - Client-Centred Practice in Paediatrics (D. Stewart and D. Cameron).
Chapter 11 - The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (N. Pollock, M.A. McColl and A. Carswell).


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