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A Companion to Aphorisms and Quotations for the Surgeon

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ISBN - 9781903378618
Autor(es) - Moshe Schein
Editora - tfm Publishing
Ano de Edição - 2008
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N º de páginas: 224

Ano de Edição: 2008


Since its publication, about four years ago, the best-seller, Aphorisms - Quotations for the Surgeon , has found its place in surgeons' personal and public libraries. Surgeons are using the book to 'decorate' their lectures or manuscripts with relevant smart or entertaining entrie some like to quote from the book during teaching rounds or conference many simply enjoy it for its collective and eternal surgical wisdom and wit. This book brings an additional medley of aphorisms and quotations for surgeons, sent in by surgeons or retrieved from multiple sources to serve as a companion to the first volume.It is hoped that readers, especially the younger surgeons, will discover that surgical truth is old, that what they think is a novel idea has been said before, and that what they observe around them - has been observed years ago. It may contribute to their humanity and humility, perhaps even add maturity to their surgical personality and practice, and with a bit of luck, increase their sense of surgical humour - which in the era of political correctness has tended to dry up.

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