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Medical Microbiology (With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access)

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ISBN - 9780443102097
Autor(es) - David Greenwood, Richard C. B. Slack, John F. Peutherer, Michael R. Barer
Editora - Churchill Livingstone
Ano de Edição -
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N º de páginas: 752

17ª Edição

Ano de edição: 2007


Now in full colour, this new edition of the bestselling Medical Microbiology covers:
  • Microbial biology
  • Infection and immunity
  • Bacterial pathogens and associated diseases
  • Viral pathogens and associated diseases
  • Fungal pathogens and parasitic infections
  • Diagnosis, treatment and control of infection

    • The major portion gives an organism-based systematic coverage of microbiology. Each organism is considered under a standard set of headings: Description, Pathogenesis, Clinical features, Laboratory diagnosis, Treatment, and Epidemiology. The section on immunology covers that part of the subject that is of direct relevance to the understanding of microbial infection.

      • Exactly what you need for microbiology - an organism-based account of the subject, presented in a clinical context
      • Makes learning easy - information is presented in a very systematic way
      • Perfect for your exam preparation - key point boxes highlight essential information
      • The degree of detail makes it ideal for students with a level of commitment to microbiology

        • Contents

          Part 1: Microbial Biology
          • Microbiology and medicine.
          • Morphology and nature of micro-organisms.
          • Classification, identification and typing of micro-organisms of micro-organisms.
          • Bacterial growth, physiology and death.
          • Antimicrobial agents.
          • Bacterial genetics.
          • Virus,cell interactions.
            • Part 2: Infection and immunity
              • Immunological principles: antigens and antigen recognition.
              • Innate and acquired immunity.
              • Immunity in viral infections.
              • Parasitic infections: pathogenesis and immunity.
              • Immunity in bacterial infections.
              • Bacterial pathogenicity.
              • The natural history of infection.
                • Part 3: Bacterial Pathogens and Associated Diseases
                  • Staphylococcus.
                  • Streptococcus and enterococcus.
                  • Coryneform bacteria, listeria and erysipelothrix.
                  • Mycobacterium.
                  • Environmental mycobacteria.
                  • Actinomyces, nocardia and tropheryma.
                  • Bacillus.
                  • Clostridium.
                  • Neisseria and moraxella.
                  • Salmonella.
                  • Shigella.
                  • Escherichia.
                  • Klebsiella, enterobacter, proteus and other enterobacteria.
                  • Pseudomonads and non-fermenters.
                  • Campylobacter and helicobacter.
                  • Vibrio, mobiluncus, gardnerella and spirillum.
                  • Haemophilus.
                  • Bordetella.
                  • Legionella.
                  • Brucella, bartonella and streptobacillus.
                  • Yersinia, pasteurella and francisella.
                  • Non-sporing anaerobes.
                  • Treponema and borrelia.
                  • Leptospira.
                  • Chlamydia.
                  • Rickettsia, orientia, ehrlichia and coxiella.
                  • Mycoplasmas.
                    • Part 4: Viral Pathogens and Associated Diseases
                      • Adenoviruses.
                      • Herpesviruses.
                      • Poxviruses.
                      • Papillomaviruses and polyomaviridae.
                      • Hepadnaviruses.
                      • Parvoviruses.
                      • Picornaviruses.
                      • Orthomyxoviruses.
                      • Paramyxoviruses.
                      • Arboviruses: alphaviruses, flaviviruses and bunyaviruses.
                      • Togavirus and hepacivirus.
                      • Arenaviruses and filoviruses.
                      • Reoviruses.
                      • Retroviruses.
                      • Caliciviruses and astroviruses.
                      • Coronaviruses.
                      • Rhabdoviruses.
                      • Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (prion diseases).
                        • Part 5: Fungal Pathogens, Parasitic Infections and Medical Entomology
                          • Fungi.
                          • Protozoa.
                          • Helminths.
                          • Arthropods.
                            • Part 6: Diagnosis, Treatment and Control of Infection
                              • Infective syndromes.
                              • Diagnostic procedures.
                              • Strategy of antimicrobial hemotherapy.
                              • Epidemiology and control of community infections.
                              • Hospital infection.
                              • Immunization.

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