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Molecular Biology and Genomics

ISBN - 9780120885466
Autor(es) - Cornel MÃflhardt, Hoffman-La Roche
Editora - Academic Press
Ano de Edição - 2006
N º de Páginas -

N º de páginas: 272

Ano de Edição: 2006

1. What the Heck is 'Molecular Biology' Anyway?
2. Some Fundamental Methods
3. The Tools
4. The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
5. RNA
6. The Cloning of DNA Fragments
7. How to track down DNA
8. DNA Analysis
9. Investigation of the Function of DNA Sequences
10. The Computer and You
11. Suggestions for Career Planning or: The Mini 'Machiavelli' for Young Researchers
12. Finally
13. Appendix
14. Index