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An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry

42.40€ 33.92€
Desconto -20 %
ISBN - 9780199234479
Autor(es) - Graham L. Patrick
Editora - Oxford University Press
Ano de Edição - 2009 - 4ª edição
N º de Páginas - 752


Students only need to buy one text for this course as this book presents a complete course in medicinal chemistry.

  • The review of key biological and biochemical concepts makes the book truly accessible to a broad range of students with varying backgrounds.
  • The modern two colour design enlivens the figures and the text, making this text student-friendly.
  • An Online Resource Centre features additional resources for both lecturers and students.

    • New to this edition
      • Topical Case Studies introduce the latest research and techniques which are developed further in subsequent chapters.

        • The average person in the UK will take more than 14,000 pills over the course of their life, yet few people consider the long road of development that has made that drug work without being toxic. An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry presents the field in an engaging style that is very accessible to students.

          Medicinal chemistry is a fast-moving field whose continuous new developments have far-reaching implications for world health. As such, this text presents a complete course in medicinal chemistry, from first principles of drug action, to design and development, to specific drugs from HIV inhibitors to painkillers.

          The book builds on the history of drug development, but does not assume much background knowledge. The focus is on building upon the understandings of the molecular function of drugs, and from there, taking a broad overview of the topical issues and most frequently used techniques.

          An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry remains a leading text for the growing number of medicinal chemistry courses internationally, especially as modules in medical chemistry become a more popular option on chemistry courses. With enhanced attention to the pedagogical details such as key points and boxes, as well as having specific case studies highlighted in distinct sections, Patrick's new edition enables a full understanding of the subject and a clear idea of where the field is heading.

          The Online Resource Centre features:

          For registered adoptors of the book:
          · Answers to end-of-chapter questions
          · Figures from the book
          · Power Point slides
          · Test Bank questions

          For students:
          · Hyperlinked bibliography
          · Six-monthly updates to text
          · 3D Rotatable structures