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Anaesthesia for Emergency Care

44.52€ 40.07€
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ISBN - 9780199588978
Autor(es) - Jerry Nolan, Jasmeet Soar (Editores)
Editora - Oxford University Press
Ano de Edição - 2012
N º de Páginas - 432


- Covers all aspects of anaesthesia in an emergency setting
- Based on the core curriculum guidelines for the CCT in Anaesthetics
- Includes clear concise information in an accessible format
- Linked to the RCA's CPD matrix
- Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Anaesthesia offer a concise, didactic way for medical and nursing staff to access practical management advice that is portable, accessible, and reliable.

Anaesthesia for Emergency Care provides essential information for trainees, staff doctors, and consultants who are expected to anaesthetize patients for emergency surgery and other life-saving interventions. It includes concise advice on providing anaesthesia in the operating suite and in other locations, such as the emergency department, radiology department, and out of hospital.
The book supports the curriculum for the CCT in Anaesthetics and covers many items across all three levels of the Royal College of Anaesthetists CPD matrix.

Table of Contents

1: General principles
2: Prehospital
3: The injured patient
4: Anaesthesia for the critically ill patient
5: General surgical emergencies
6: Ear, nose, and throat emergencies
7: Maxillofacial emergencies
8: Cardiovascular emergencies
9: Neurological emergencies
10: Plastic surgery
11: Obstetric emergencies
12: Urological emergencies
13: Paediatric emergencies
14: Ophthalmic emergencies
15: Anaesthesia for emergency radiological procedures
16: Anaesthetic emergencies