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Abdominal Organ Retrieval and Transplantation Bench Surgery

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ISBN - 9780470657867
Autor(es) - Gabriel Oniscu, John Forsythe, John Fung (Editores)
Editora - Wiley-Blackwell
Ano de Edição - 2013
N º de Páginas - 192


Abdominal organ transplantation is a complex, multi-step process that requires flawless surgery from start to finish. Training in organ retrieval and bench surgery, however, has varied from country to country and even center to center, and trainees too often must rely on hands-on experience without the benefit of extensive practical or theoretical training.

With the number of transplant programs on the rise and the demand for donor organs increasing steadily as outcomes continue to improve, there is a greater need than ever before for a practical and comprehensive reference that transplantation professionals can turn to for clear and comprehensive guidance.   Abdominal Organ Retrieval and Transplantation Bench Surgery fills that need.

This important new book covers all aspects of retrieval and bench surgery of the abdominal organs. Coverage includes organ retrieval logistics and organ preservation; retrieval and bench surgery of the kidney, liver, pancreas and intestine; in situ and ex situ liver splitting; multi-organ retrieval; paediatric age-specific aspects of retrieval and bench surgery; and more. Key features include:
•Practice learning points for each procedure
•Detailed color illustrations of standard techniques
•Thorough guidance on dealing with anatomical variations

Abdominal Organ Retrieval and Transplantation Bench Surgery is the ideal guide for surgeons and donor retrieval teams alike. With its step-wise approach and practical orientation, it is a reference transplant professionals can trust to help them understand and excel at all aspects of abdominal organ retrieval, from managing potential donors and properly retrieving organs to minimizing the likelihood of common pitfalls while mastering the latest surgical techniques.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors, vi
Foreword, vii
Preface, viii
About the Companion Website, ix

1 Organ Retrieval Logistics, 1
2 Strategies in Preservation of Abdominal Organs, 9
3 Management of the Brainstem Dead Organ Donor, 24
4 Multiorgan Retrieval, 32
5 Kidney Retrieval and Bench Surgery, 58
6 Liver Retrieval and Bench Surgery, 73
7 Deceased Cardiac Donor Liver Retrieval, 91
8 In situ Liver Splitting, 101
9 Ex situ Liver Splitting, 116
10 Pancreas Retrieval and Bench Surgery, 130
11 Intestinal Retrieval and Bench Surgery, 140
12 Paediatric Age-Specific Aspects of Retrieval and Bench Surgery, 155
Index, 177

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