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Color Atlas of Melanocytic Lesions of the Skin

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ISBN - 9783540351054
Autor(es) - H.P. Soyer, G. Argenziano, R. Hofmann-Wellenhof, R. Johr (Editors)
Editora - Springer
Ano de Edição -
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N º de páginas: 334

Ano de Edição: 2007


  • Comprehensive up-to-date text on the practical issue of the modern-day management of individuals with melanocytic skin lesions
  • All editors and authors of this book are leading scientists, clinicians and practitioners from numerous countries all over the globe sharing the vision that melanoma can be controlled by means of screening and early detection
  • Lavishly illustrated with many color illustrations
  • Homogenous structure with reader-friendly format
  • This is a fascinating and comprehensive atlas on the various forms of melanocytic skin lesions associated with cutaneous melanomas and other pigmented skin tumors.

    • An up-to-date text on the practical issues surrounding the management of individuals with these lesions, the book encompasses the classical methods of morphology such as the clinical and dermoscopic examination and dermatopathology. It also deals with the most up-to-date diagnostic approaches such as laser scanning in-vivo microscopy and automated diagnosis.
      The visual &lsquoatlas includes superb clinical, dermoscopic and histopathologic images of melanocytic nevi, various types of melanomas and relevant other pigmented skin tumors including basal-cell carcinomas. Each of these well illustrated entities is presented in the same structure characterized by definition, clinical and dermoscopic features, relevant clinical differential diagnosis as well as practical aspects of management.
      The editors of, and contributors to, this book are leading scientists, clinicians and practitioners from numerous countries who share the vision that melanoma can be controlled by means of screening and early detection.

      • Dermatopathology
      • Dermoscopy
      • Laser-scanning in-vivo microscopy
      • Melanoma
      • Morphology
      • Pigmented skin lesions

        • Table of contents

          • The Morphologic Dimension: The morphologic dimension in the diagnosis of melanocytic skin lesions.
          • Clinical examination including ABCDE.
          • Dermoscopic examination.
          • Dermatopathology.
          • Future Diagnostic Approaches: Laser scanning in-vivo microscopy.
          • Automatic diagnosis.
          • Multispectral Image Analysis.
          • Teledermatology.
          • Melanocytic Nevi: The life of moles.
          • Acral nevus.
          • Agminated nevus.
          • Blue nevus.
          • Clark (dysplastic) nevus.
          • Combined nevus.
          • Common nevus.
          • Congenital nevus including its variants (e.g. Nevus spilus).
          • Genital nevus and nevi on other special locations.
          • Halo nevus.
          • Irritated nevus including Meyerson nevus.
          • Melanocytic lesions in people of color.
          • Miescher nevus.
          • Nevi arising in unusual clinical settings.
          • Nevi with particular coloration (black nevus, red nevus, white nevus).
          • Recurrent nevus.
          • Spitz nevus including its variants (e.g. Reed nevus). Syndromes that involve melanocytic lesions.
          • Subungual nevus.
          • Unna nevus.
          • Melanoma: Epidemiology of melanoma.
          • Acral melanoma.
          • Amelanotic melanoma.
          • Early evolution of melanoma (small diameter melanoma). False negative melanoma.
          • Genital melanoma.
          • Melanoma of the face.
          • Melanoma of the trunk and limbs including superficial and nodular melanoma.
          • Metastatic melanoma.
          • Scalp melanoma.
          • Subungual melanoma.
          • Other pigmented skin tumors: Basal-cell carcinoma. Dermatofibroma.
          • Lentigines including lentigo simplex, reticulated lentigo and actinic lentigo.
          • Rare pigmented skin neoplasms.
          • Squamous-cell carcinoma including pigmented actinic keratosis.
          • Vascular lesions.
          • Verruca seborrhoica including lichen planus-like keratosis

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