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Hazzard's Geriatric Medicine & Gerontology

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ISBN - 9780071488723
Autor(es) - Jeffrey Halter, Joseph Ouslander, Mary Tinetti, Stephanie Studenski, Kevin High, Sanjay Asthana, William Hazzard
Editora - McGraw-Hill
Ano de Edição -
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N º de páginas: 1760

6ª Edição

Ano de Edição: 2009


The most complete, authoritative guide available on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the elderly -- updated with a new global perspective

The undisputed leader on the subject of geriatrics, this comprehensive guide combines gerontology principles with clinical geriatrics offering unmatched coverage of this area of medicine.

Written by some of the world's most respected geriatricians, Hazzard's Principles of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology presents the most up-to-date, evidence-based medical information available -- in a revamped 2-color design that makes finding the answers to your questions faster and easier than ever.

Table of contents


1. Biology of Aging and Longevity
2. Genetics of Age-Dependent Human Disease
3. Immunology and Aging
4. Inflammation and Aging
5. Demography and Epidemiology
6. International Gerontology
7. Psychosocial Aspects of Aging
8. General Principles of Pharmacology
9. Preventive Gerontology: Strategies for Optimizing Health Across the Life Span

10. Evaluation, Management, and Decision Making with the Older Patient

Section A: Assessment
11. Principles of Geriatric Assessment
12. Mental Status and Neurological Examination in Older Adults
13. Assessment of Decisional Capacity and Competencies
14. Principles of Screening in Older Adults
Section B: Organization of Care
15. Health Care System
16. Transitions
17. Acute Hospital Care
18. Emergency Department Care
19. Critical Care in the Elderly
20. Subacute Care
21. Nursing Facility Care
22. Community-Based Long-Term Care and Home Care
23. Rural Aging

Section C: Special Management Issues
24. Appropriate Approach to Prescribing
25. Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Aging
26. Team Care
27. Social Work
28. Self-Management of Health Behavior in Geriatric Medicine
29. Rehabilitation of the Older Adult
30. Pain Management
31. Palliative Care
32. Legal Issues
33. Spirituality
34. Ethical Issues in Geriatric Medicine

Section D: Surgical Management
35. Perioperative Evaluation and Management
36. Anesthesia for Elderly Patients
37. Surgical Outcomes

Section E: Nutrition
38. Nutrition and Aging
39. Weight and Age: Paradoxes and Conundrums
40. Malnutrition and Enteral/Parenteral Alimentation
41. Disorders of Swallowing
42. Oral Cavity

Section F: Sensory Function
43. Assessment and Rehabilitation of Older Adults with Low Vision
44. Age-Related Changes in the Auditory System

Section G: Gender and Sexuality
45. Sex and Gender Across the Human Life Span
46. Menopause and Midlife Health Changes
47. Sexuality, Sexual Function, and the Aging Woman
48. Gynecologic Disorders
49. Sexuality, Sexual Function, Androgen Therapy, and the Aging Male
50. Benign Prostate Disorders

51. Aging and Hemeostatic Regulation
52. Frailty
53. Delirium
54. Falls
55. Sleep Disorders
56. Dizziness
57. Syncope
58. Pressure Ulcers
59. Incontinence
60. Elder Mistreatment


Section A: Human Brain
61. Cellular and Neurochemical Aspects of the Aging Human Brain
62. Cognitive Changes Associated with Normal and Pathological Aging
63. Psychoactive Drug Therapy
64. Cerebrovascular Disease
65. Dementia Including Alzheimer's Disease
66. Parkinson's Disease and Related Disorders
67. Other Neurodegenerative Disorders
68. Traumatic Brain Injury
70. Late-Life Mood Disorders
71. Schizophrenia
72. General Topics in Geriatric Psychiatry
73. Management of Agitation in Dementia

Section B: Cardiology
74. Effects of Aging on Cardiovascular Structure and Function
75. Aging and Atherosclerosis
76. Coronary Heart Disease
77. Valvular Heart Disease
78. Heart Failure
79. Cardiac Arrhythmias
80. Peripheral Vascular Disease
81. Hypertension

Section C: Respiratory System
82. Aging of the Respiratory System
83. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
84. Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease

Section D: Nephrology
85. Changes in Kidney Function
86. Renal Disease
87. End-Stage Renal Disease
88. Disorders of Fluid Balance

Section E: Gastroentorology
89. Effect of Aging on Gastrointestinal Function
90. Hepatic, Biliary, and Pancreatic Disease
91. Upper Gastrointestinal Disorders
92. Common Large Intestinal Disorders
93. Constipation

Section F: Onology
94. Oncology and Aging: General Principles
95. Breast Disease
96. Prostate Cancer
97. Lung Cancer
98. Gastrointestinal Malignancies
99. Intracranial Neoplasms
100. Skin Cancer

Section G: Hematology
101. Aging of the Hematopoietic System
102. Anemia
103. White Cell Disorders
104. Non-Hodgkin's and Hodgkin's Lymphomas and Myeloma
105. Thrombosis
106. Hemorrhagic Disorders

Section H: Endocrinology and Metabolism
107. Aging and the Endocrine System and Selected Endocrine Disorders
108. Thyroid Diseases, Jerome M. Hershman
109. Diabetes Mellitus
110. Dyslipoproteinemia
111. Hyperparathyroidism and Paget's Disease of Bone

Section I: Mobility and Musculoskeletal System
112. Aging of the Muscles and Joints
113. Biomechanics of Mobility
114. Exercise: Physiologic and Functional Effects
115. Mobility
116. Osteoarthritis
117. Osteoporosis, Gustavo Duque and Bruce R. Troen
118. Hip Fractures
119. Myopathy, Polymyalgia Rheumatics, and Temporal Arthritis
120. Rheumatoid Arthritis and Other Autoimmune Diseases
121. Back Pain and Spinal Stenosis
122. Primary Considerations in Managing the Older Patient with Foot Problems
123. Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndromes
Section J: Infectious Diseases and Immunology
124. Infection in the Elderly
125. General Principles of Antimicrobial Selection
126. Pneumonia
127. Urinary Tract Infections
128. Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection
129. Herpes Zoster
130. Influenza and Respiratory Syncytial Virus