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Models of Protection Against HIV/SIV: Avoiding AIDS in Humans and Monkeys

76.32€ 68.69€
Desconto -10 %
ISBN - 9780123877154
Autor(es) - Gianfranco Pancino, Guido Silvestri, Keith Fowke (Editores)
Editora - Academic Press
Ano de Edição - 2012
N º de Páginas - 360


A successful vaccine for the prevention and/or immunotherapy against HIV/AIDS is one of the prominent challenges of the 21st century. To date, all human vaccine trials against this virus/disease have resulted in failure, or at best have shown very low efficacy. Models of Protection Against HIV/SIV will allow for an in-depth reflection on the perspectives for vaccine and therapy research derived from recent studies. This book is structured in a unique way, looking at three models of resistance/protection separately and then comparing the models against one another. The easy-to-understand format gives this book a cross-discipline appeal -- an important one-stop-shop reference for those in the scientific community, medical care, public health and academia alike.

Table of Contents

Simian models of non-pathogenic SIV infection
•Natural SIV infection: virological aspects
•Natural SIV infection: immunological aspects
•Implications for therapy

HIV-1-exposed seronegative individuals
•Are some people protected against HIV infection?
•The genital mucosa, the front lines in the defense against HIV
•Host genetics and resistance to HIV-1 infection
•The immune system and resisting HIV infection

•Definition, natural history and heterogeneity of HIV-controllers
•Residual viremia and viral reservoirs in elite controllers
•Immune responses associated to viral control
•Immune mechanisms of viral control in HIV-2 infection

Genetic basis of protection against HIV
•Genetic associations with resistance to HIV-1 infection, viral control and protection against disease


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