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Allergy and Allergic Diseases

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ISBN - 9781405157209
Autor(es) - A. Barry Kay, Allen P. Kaplan, Jean Bousquet, Patrick G. Holt (Editores)
Editora - Wiley-Blackwell
Ano de Edição -
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2 Volumes

N º de páginas: 2184

2ª Edição

Ano de Edição: 2008


Allergy and Allergic Disease is an outstanding reference source on all aspects of allergy and allergic diseases. Covering every allergic condition, from the immunological and molecular basis of the allergic response to the future trends in allergic disease prevention, this new international editorial team lead by Professor Kay have completely revised and updated the text to take account of new and recent developments, from both a scientific and clinical perspective.

The second edition will continue as two volumes, containing over 100 chapters and will deal with the immunologic basis of the allergic response and then with the cells and mediators responsible for allergic inflammation. Descriptions of the pharmacology and physiology of allergic diseases will be given, and then each specific allergic disease and their management are addressed.

The new edition will contain 14 principal sections, and an increased coverage of drug allergens and allergic hypersensitivity reaction to drugs and the field of genetics will be revised accordingly.

This second edition includes a fully searchable CD ROM including a database of 100 colour images.

Table of Contents

VOLUME 1: The Scientific Basis of Allergy.

Part 1 Immunology of the Allergic Response
1 Allergy and Hypersensitivity: History and Concepts: A. Barry Kay.
2 Development of Allergy and Atopy: Catherine Thornton and Patrick G. Holt.
3 T Cells and Cytokines in Asthma and Allergic Inflammation: Chris Corrigan.
4 Regulatory T Cells and Other Tolerogenic Mechanisms in Allergy and Asthma: Catherine Hawrylowicz and Cezmi A. Akdis.
5 IgE and IgE Receptors: Brian J. Sutton, Andrew J. Beavil, Rebecca L. Beavil and James Hunt.
6 Immunoglobulin Gene Organization and Expression and Regulation of IgE: Hannah J. Gould and David J. Fear.
7 Environmental Factors in IgE Production: Anne Tsicopoulos, Catherine Duez and Andrew Saxon.
8 Antigen-presenting Dendritic Cells and Macrophages: Bart N. Lambrecht and Hamida Hammad.
9 Innate Immunity in Allergic Disease: Ian Sabroe.
10 Signal Transduction in Allergic and Inflammatory Cells: Rafeul Alam.

Part 2 Inflammatory Cells and Mediators
11 Mast Cells: Biological Properties and Role in Health and Allergic Diseases: Peter Bradding and Glenn Cruse.
12 Eosinophils: Biological Properties and Role in Health and Disease: Simon P. Hogan, Helene F. Rosenberg, Redwan Moqbel, Simon Phipps, Paul S. Foster, Paige Lacy, A. Barry Kay and Marc E. Rothenberg.
13 Neutrophils: Biological Properties and Role in Health and Allergic Diseases: Alison M. Condliffe, Andrew S. Cowburn and Edwin R. Chilvers.
14 Basophils: Biological Properties and Role in Allergic Diseases: Gianni Marone, Giuseppe Spadaro and Arturo Genovese.
15 Leukocyte Adhesion in Allergic Inflammation: Michelle J. Muessel and Andrew J. Wardlaw.
16 Airway Epithelium: Pedro C. Avila and Robert P. Schleimer.
17 Airway Vascularity in Asthma: John W. Wilson.
18 Fibroblasts and the Extracellular Matrix: Lynne A. Murray, William G. Glass, Anuk M. Das and Geoffrey J. Laurent.
19 Immune Complexes and Complement: Their Role in Host Defense and in Disease: Michael M. Frank and C. Garren Hester.
20 Bradykinin Pathways and Allergic Disease: Allen P. Kaplan.
21 Chemokines: James E. Pease and Timothy J. Williams.
22 Neurotrophins: Wolfgang A. Nockher, Sanchaita Sonar and Harald Renz.
23 Neuropeptides: David A. Groneberg and Axel Fischer.
24 Late-phase Allergic Reactions in Humans: Yee-Ean Ong and A. Barry Kay.

Part 3 Pharmacology
25 Antihistamines: F. Estelle R. Simons and Keith J. Simons.
26 Lipid Mediators: Leukotrienes, Prostanoids, Lipoxins, and Platelet-activating Factor: Sophie P. Farooque, Jonathan P. Arm and Tak H. Lee.
27 Theophylline and Isoenzyme-selective Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors: Mark A. Giembycz.
28 Adrenergic Agonists and Antagonists: Tony R. Bai.
29 Cholinergic Antagonists: Nicholas J. Gross.
30 Antileukotriene Agents: Graeme P. Currie and Brian J. Lipworth.
31 Glucocorticosteroids: Peter J. Barnes.
32 Immunomodulating Drugs: Iain A.M. MacPhee.

Part 4 Physiology
33 Physiologic Aspects of Asthma: Philip W. Ind and Neil B. Pride.
34 Aerosol Delivery Systems: Thomas G. ORiordan and Gerald C. Smaldone.
35 Bronchial Hyperresponsiveness: Guy F. Joos.
36 Exercise-induced Bronchoconstriction: Animal Models: Arthur N. Freed and Sandra D. Anderson.
37 Exercise-induced Bronchoconstriction: Human Models: Arthur N. Freed and Sandra D. Anderson.
38 Sensory and Autonomic Nervous System in Asthma and Rhinitis: Bradley J. Undem and Kevin Kwong.
39 Mucus and Mucociliary Clearance in Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis: Duncan F. Rogers.
40 Biology of Vascular Permeability: Peter Clark.
41 Airway Smooth Muscle: Stuart J. Hirst.

Part 5 Allergens
42 Biochemistry of Allergens and Recombinant Allergens: Rudolf Valenta.
43 Host Responses to Allergens: Wayne R. Thomas and Belinda J. Hales.
44 Allergen Extracts and Standardization: Ronald van Ree.
45 Grass, Tree, and Weed Pollen: Jean Emberlin.
46 Fungi as Allergens: Cathryn C. Hassett, W. Elliott Horner, Estelle Levetin, Laurianne G. Wild, W. Edward Davis, Samuel B. Lehrer and John Lacey.
47 Dust Mites and Asthma: Thomas A.E. Platts-Mills and Judith A. Woodfolk.
48 Animal Allergens: Adnan Custovic and Angela Simpson.
49 Airborne Allergens and Irritants in the Workplace: Xaver Baur.
50 Allergens from Stinging Insects: Ants, Bees, and Vespids: Te Piao King and Rafael I. Monsalve.
51 Cockroach Allergens, Environmental Exposure, and Asthma: Martin D. Chapman and Anna Pomés.
52 Food Allergens: Ricki M. Helm and A. Wesley Burks.
53 Latex Allergy: Robyn E. OHehir, Michael F. Sutherland, Alexander C. Drew and Jennifer M. Rolland.

Part 6 Animal Models of Asthma
54 Primate Models of Allergic Asthma: Charles G. Plopper, Suzette M. Smiley-Jewell, Lisa A. Miller, Michelle V. Fanucchi, Michael J. Evans, Alan R. Buckpitt, Mark V. Avdalovic, Laurel J. Gershwin, Jesse P. Joad, Radhika Kajekar, Shawnessy D. Larson, Kent E. Pinkerton, Laura S. Van Winkle, Edward S. Schelegle, Emily M. Pieczarka, Reen Wu and Dallas M. Hyde.
55 Airway Remodeling in Small Animal Models: Clare M. Lloyd.
56 Are Animal Models of Asthma Useful?: Reinhard Pabst.


VOLUME 2: Allergic Diseases: Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment.

Part 7 Etiology and Pathology
57 Genetics of Asthma and Atopic Dermatitis: Saffron A.G. Willis-Owen, Miriam F. Moffatt and William O.C. Cookson.
58 Epidemiology of Asthma, Atopy, and Atopic Disease: Debbie L. Jarvis, Seif O. Shaheen and Peter Burney.
59 The Allergy March: Ulrich Wahn.
60 Outdoor Air Pollution and Allergic Airway Disease: Gennaro DAmato.
61 Indoor Air Pollution: Paul Harrison, Rebecca Slack and Sanjeev Bagga.
62 Molecular Immunopathology of Allergic Disease: Susan Foley and Qutayba Hamid.

Part 8 Diagnosis of Allergic Disease
63 Principles and Practice of Diagnosis and Treatment of Allergic Disease: Anthony J. Frew and A. Barry Kay.
64 Skin Testing in Diagnosis and Management of Respiratory Allergic Diseases: Pascal Demoly, Anaïs Pipet and Jean Bousquet.
65 Allergy Testing in the Laboratory: Steven O. Stapel and Jörg Kleine-Tebbe.
66 Measurement of Markers of Inflammation in Induced Sputum and Exhaled Air: Ian D. Pavord and Dominick E. Shaw.

Part 9 Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis and Immunotherapy
67 Definition and Classification of Allergic Rhinitis and Upper Airways Diseases: Wytske Fokkens and Jean Bousquet.
68 Pathophysiology of Allergic Rhinitis: Peter H. Howarth.
69 Management and Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis: Jean Bousquet and Michael A. Kaliner.
70 Nasal Polyps and Rhinosinusitis: Wouter Huvenne, Paul Van Cauwenberge and Claus Bachert.
71 Ocular Allergy: Avinash Gurbaxani, Virginia L. Calder and Susan Lightman.
72 Mechanisms in Allergen Injection Immunotherapy: Stephen J. Till and Stephen R. Durham.
73 Allergen Injection Immunotherapy: Indications and Practice: Hans-Jørgen Malling.
74 Sublingual Immunotherapy: G. Walter Canonica and Giovanni Passalacqua.
75 Novel Approaches to Allergen Immunotherapy: Mark Larché.

Part 10 Asthma and its Treatment
76 Definition, Clinical Features, Investigations, and Differential Diagnosis of Asthma: Piero Maestrelli, Gaetano Caramori, Francesca Franco and Leonardo M. Fabbri.
77 Asthma in Infancy and Childhood: John O. Warner.
78 Pathogenesis of Asthma: Stephen T. Holgate.
79 Pathology of Asthma: Peter K. Jeffery, A. Barry Kay and Qutayba Hamid.
80 Management of Chronic Asthma: Peter J. Barnes.
81 Anti-IgE in Persistent Severe Allergic Asthma: Marc Humbert, Stephen T. Holgate, Howard Fox and Jean Bousquet.
82 Occupational Asthma: Paul Cullinan and Anthony J. Newman Taylor.
83 New Drugs for the Treatment of Allergy and Asthma: Trevor T. Hansel, Ed Erin,Onn Min Kon and Peter J. Barnes.

Part 11 Eosinophil-associated Disease and Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis
84 Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis: André-Bernard Tonnel, Stéphanie Pouwels-Frys and Isabelle Tillie-Leblond.
85 Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis/Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis: Michael C. Zacharisen and Jordan N. Fink.
86 Pulmonary Eosinophilia: Jean-François Cordier and Vincent Cottin.
87 Hypereosinophilic Syndromes: Hans-Uwe Simon.

Part 12 Allergy and the Skin
88 Atopic Dermatitis: Julia D. Proelss and Thomas Bieber.
89 Contact Dermatitis: David I. Orton and Carolyn M. Willis.
90 Urticaria and Angioedema: Allen P. Kaplan.
91 Mastocytosis: Nataliya M. Kushnir-Sukhov, Dean D. Metcalfe and Jamie A. Robyn.

Part 13 Anaphylaxis and Allergy to Food and Drugs
92 Anaphylaxis: M. Rosario Caballero, Stephen J. Lane and Tak H. Lee.
93 Food Allergy and Eosinophilic Gastroenteropathies: Scott H. Sicherer and Hugh A. Sampson.
94 Drug Hypersensitivity: Werner J. Pichler.
95 Hypersensitivity to Aspirin and other NSAIDs: Andrzej Szczeklik, Ewa NiLankowska-Mogilnicka and Marek Sanak.
96 Insect Sting Allergy: Ulrich R. Müller.

Part 14 Prevention of Allergic Disease
97 Prevention of Allergic Disease: Susan L. Prescott and Bengt Björkstén.
98 Prevalence of Atopic Disorders in a Developing World: Pitfalls and Opportunities: Maria Yazdanbakhsh, Taniawati Supali and Laura C. Rodrigues.


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