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Advances in Surgical Pathology: Endometrial Carcinoma

119.78€ 107.80€
Desconto -10 %
ISBN - 9781609131784
Autor(es) - Anna E. Sienko
Editora - Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Ano de Edição - 2012
N º de Páginas - 304


This Endometrial Cancer volume of the Advances in Surgical Pathology series is a concise, updated review of the pathological characteristics of endometrial cancer. It emphasizes the histologic correlation, the clinical management, and the treatment of endometrial cancer. It features current and emerging concepts in the field of endometrial cancer, a disease whose management requires a multidisciplinary approach in which pathology plays a key role. The fundamental issues surrounding endometrial cancer, including its epidemiology, basic diagnostic features, differential diagnoses, pitfalls and complications, and treatments are thoroughly addressed. Finally, the book includes current knowledge regarding the molecular alteration of endometrial cancer carcinogenesis and its impact on patient care.


- Focuses on recent advancements in knowledge, technical procedures, application, and integration as part of current trends in pathology and medicine
- Emphasizes the new uses of advances within the context of the changing landscape of pathology practice in the 21st century
- Provides information on how the pathologist can apply new knowledge in gynecologic malignancies as part of a subspecialty multidisciplinary team and for purposes of personalized patient therapy
- Special attention given to the convergence of pathology and radiology
- Emphasizes molecular testing as well as targeted therapies
- Provides a resource for the timely updates in knowledge that are necessary for daily practice, for current credentialing, and for the self-assessment modules for recertification (MOC)
- Includes over 130 four-color images