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Atlas of Gynecologic Cytology

40.28€ 36.25€
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ISBN - 9789350907757
Autor(es) - Ossama Tawfik, Marilee Means
Editora - JP Medical
Ano de Edição - 2013
N º de Páginas - 154


This concise atlas evaluates the use of digital imaging technology, with emphasis on TelePAPology™, for the pathological examination of gynaecological problems, specifically the PAP smear. TelePAPology™ is a web-based diagnostic process allowing virtual slides to be analysed and interpreted remotely.
Beginning with the historical background of the Pap test, the following chapter examines its future and the impact of digitisation and automation. The atlas then provides in depth discussion on TelePAPology™, and other gynaecological abnormalities.

Authored by internationally recognised experts from The University of Kansas School of Medicine, this illustrative atlas includes numerous images accompanied by descriptions of cytologic and histologic criteria for the corresponding pathologic entities, and explanatory notes.

Key points

•Concise atlas evaluating use of digital imaging technology for pathological examination of gynaecological problems
•In depth coverage of TelePAPology™
•Authored by experts from University of Kansas School of Medicine
•Includes numerous cytologic and histologic images with descriptions