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ATLS's Student Course, 8th Edition Manual Manual

ISBN - 9781880696316
Autor(es) - American College of Surgeons
Editora - American College of Surgeons
Ano de Edição - 2009
N º de Páginas - 336


The ATLS Program was developed to teach doctors one safe, reliable method for assessing and initially managing the trauma patient. The course teaches an organized approach for evaluation and management of seriously injured patients and offers a foundation of common knowledge for all members of the trauma team. The emphasis is on the critical first hour of care, focusing on initial assessment, lifesaving intervention, reevaluation, stabilization, and, when needed, transfer to a trauma center. This publication was written for use in ATLS Student Courses and is updated approximately every four years. This 8th edition manual, released in October 2008, features over 100 color images and includes a DVD with skills from the course demonstrated in video segments.