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An Introduction to Clinical Emergency Medicine

87.91€ 79.12€
Discount -10 %
ISBN - 9780521747769
Autor(es) - V. Mahadevan, Gus M. Garmel
Editora - Cambridge University Press
Ano de Edição - 2012
N º de Páginas - 910


Building on the strengths of the award-winning first edition, this fully revised edition is a must-have resource for individuals practising in the challenging field of emergency medicine. Unlike other textbooks, this book approaches clinical problems as clinicians approach patients - without full knowledge of the final diagnosis. Stunning full-color chapters.
Fully-updated edition of this award-winning textbook, arranged by presenting complaints with full-color images throughout. For students, residents, and emergency physicians.


• Chapters are arranged by presenting complaints, which helps readers methodically evaluate and manage patients
• Includes detailed, practical tables and extensive DDXs for each presenting complaint, highlighting life-threatening conditions
• Recommended by numerous student, resident, paramedic, physician assistant and nursing organizations
• First edition won the prestigious American Medical Writers Association's Book Award (Physician category, 1st place) in 2006

Table of Contents


Part I. Principles of Emergency Medicine: 1. Approach to the emergency patient Gus M. Garmel
2. Airway management S. V. Mahadevan and Shannon Sovndal
3. Cardiopulmonary and cerebral resuscitation Matthew Strehlow and Brian Lin
4. Cardiac dysrhythmias S. V. Gurudevan
5. Sepsis Emanuel Rivers
6. Shock Robert J. Sigillito and Peter M. C. DeBlieux
7. Traumatic injuries David E. Manthey and Kim Askew
8. Prehospital care and emergency medical services Jeff Goodloe and Paul D. Biddinger
9. Pain management Eustacia (Jo) Su

Part II. Primary Complaints: 10. Abdominal pain S. V. Mahadevan
11. Abnormal behavior Tim Meyers and Gus M. Garmel
12. Alcohol-related emergencies John Rose and Eric Laurin
13. Allergic reactions and anaphylactic syndromes Steven Go
14. Altered mental status Barry Simon and Flavia Nobay
15. Bleeding Jonathan E. Davis
16. Burns David Wald
17. Chest pain Jeffrey A. Tabas and Susan B. Promes
18. Constipation Victoria Brazil
19. Crying and irritability Lee W. Shockley and Katherine Bakes
20. Dental emergencies Kip Benko
21. Diabetes-related emergencies Christopher R. H. Newton
22. Diarrhea Rawle A. Seupaul
23. Dizziness and vertigo Andrew K. Chang
24. Ear pain, nosebleed and throat pain: 24a. Ear pain Gregory H. Gilbert and S. V. Mahadevan
24b. Nosebleed Gregory H. Gilbert
24c. Throat pain Alice Chiao
25. Extremity trauma Dan Garza and Gregory W. Hendey
26. Eye pain, redness and visual loss Janet G. Alteveer
27. Fever in adults Gus M. Garmel
28. Fever in children Lynne McCullough and Eric Savitsky
29. Gastrointestinal bleeding Stuart Swadron and H. Brendan Kelleher
30. Headache Gino A. Farina and Kumar Alagappan
31. Hypertensive urgencies and emergencies Robert Galli and Loretta Jackson-Williams
32. Joint pain Douglas W. Lowery
33. Low back pain Mel Herbert, Mary Lanctot-Herbert and S. V. Mahadevan
34. Neonatal emergencies Richard Cantor
35. Pelvic pain Peter G. Kumasaka
36. Rash Jamie Collings
37. Scrotal pain Jonathan E. Davis
38. Seizures Stephen R. Hayden
39. Shortness of breath in adults Sharon E. Mace
40. Shortness of breath in children Ghazala Sharieff
41. Syncope Amal Mattu
42. Toxicologic emergencies Steven A. Mclaughlin and Randy Myers
43. Urinary-related complaints Fred A. Severyn
44. Vaginal bleeding Pamela L. Dyne
45. Vomiting Jennifer A. Oman
46. Weakness R. Jason Thurman

Part III. Unique Issues in Emergency Medicine: 47. Child abuse, elder abuse, intimate partner violence Carolyn J. Sachs
48. Environmental emergencies: 48a. Drowning Paul Auerbach and Ken Zafren
48b. Heat illness Ken Zafren
48c. Hypothermia Ken Zafren
48d. Lightning injuries Ken Zafren
48e. Terrestrial venomous bites and stings Robert L. Norris
49. Ethics and end of life issues Michael A. Gisondi
50. Legal aspects of emergency care Jorge Martinez
51. Medical errors, patient safety and injury prevention Cherri Hobgood
52. Occupational exposures in the emergency department Greg Moran and Sophie Terp

Part IV. Appendices: Appendix A. Common emergency procedures George Sternbach
Appendix B. Laceration repair Wendy Coates and Michelle Lin
Appendix C. Clinical decision rules Micelle Haydel and Gus Garmel
Appendix D. Procedural sedation and analgesia Eustacia (Jo) Su
Appendix E. Focused assessment with sonography in trauma Sarah Williams and Laleh Gharahbaghian
Appendix F. Interpretation of emergency laboratories Corey Heitz.