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Nerve and Vascular Injuries in Sports Medicine

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ISBN - 9780387765990
Autor(es) - Venu Akuthota, Stanley A. Herring (Editores)
Editora - Springer
Ano de Edição -
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N º de páginas: 290

Ano de Edição: 2009


  • Covers both nerve and vascular injuries
  • Provides algorithms for differential diagnosis
  • Includes cases that highlight clinical applications
  • Incorporates an evidence-based approach

    • Suspected vascular, peripheral nerve, and root nerve injuries present a particular challenge to any physician diagnosing and treating athletes. Injuries can range from stingers to effort vein thrombosis, and yet despite the common occurrence and potential severity of these and other conditions, little attention is paid to nerve and vascular injuries in sports medicine literature. This book is the first to gather experts in the field to fully address the complexity of neurovascular sports injuries. Nerve and Vascular Injuries in Sports Medicine takes a comprehensive look at anatomy, pathophysiology, examination and diagnosis of neurovascular sports injury, upper limb neurovascular syndrome, radicular and bracial plexus injury, and the lower extremity, including peripheral nerve injury. Illustrated throughout and dedicated to presenting the essential for managing nerve and vascular injuries, this book is an ideal resource for sports medicine physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and all physicians who treat active patients.

Table of contents

Section 1: Anatomy, pathophysiology and diagnosis.
- Causes of numbness and tingling in athletes.
- Diagnostic tests for nerve and vascular injuries.
- Magnetic resonance neurography.
- Physical examination of the peripheral nerves and vasculature.
- Athletic kinetic chain concepts in nerve and vascular injuries.

Section 2: Upper limb syndromes.
- Peripheral nerve injuries of the elbow, forearm, and hand.
- Peripheral nerve injuries of the shoulder and upper arm.
- Thoracic outlet syndrome.
- Stingers: understanding the mechanism, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Section 3: Lower limb syndromes.
- Peripheral nerve entrapment and compartment syndromes of the lower leg.
- Peripheral nerve injuries of the proximal lower limb in athlettes.
- Lumbar radicular and referred pain in the athlete.
- Vascular injuries in the lower limb of athletes.

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