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The Hospital Autopsy: A Manual of Fundamental Autopsy Practice, 3rd Edition

99.64€ 84.69€
Desconto -15 %
ISBN - 9780340965146
Autor(es) - Julian L Burton, Guy Rutty
Editora - Hodder Arnold
Ano de Edição - 2010
N º de Páginas - 364


Now in full colour, this new and revised edition of The Hospital Autopsy presents a clear and systematic approach to safe and effective modern autopsy practice for pathologists. It begins by discussing issues such as legislation governing autopsies, religious attitudes and ensuring safety, before covering the procedures of external examination, evisceration, dissection of internal organs and report writing. Six new chapters have been added and contemporary specialist techniques, such as near virtual autopsy, are covered in depth, with chapters devoted to complex issues including perinatal autopsies, maternal deaths and autopsies where the cause of death is unascertained.

The Hospital Autopsy is an indispensable resource for pathologists in training, as well as a concise reference for practicing pathologists and autopsy technicians.

•A step by step guide to autopsy procedures with high quality colour photographs and fully referenced information
•An authoritative yet highly practical clear and systematic approach to standard autopsy technique and subsequent reconstruction of the body
•Thorough coverage of legal and consent issues surrounding autopsy practice
•Six new chapters which include radiological or near virtual autopsy, high risk infections, and perioperative and postoperative deaths
•Edited by two of the UK's leading autopsy specialists

Table of Contents

The history of the autopsy
The future of the autopsy
The role of the autopsy in medical education
Autopsies and the law
Religious attitudes to death and post-mortem examinations
The safe and healthy autopsy
Autopsies of people with high-risk infections
The external examination
The pathology of wounds and injuries
The evisceration
Dissection of the internal organs
Examination of the nervous system
Fetal, perinatal and infant autopsies
The maternal autopsy
Toxicological and biochemical analyses
Microbiology of the autopsy
Investigating possible anaphylactic deaths
Perioperative and postoperative deaths
The radiological autopsy
The decomposed body and the unascertained autopsy
Reconstruction of the body
Autopsies and clinical audit
Reports, documentation and statements

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