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Clinical Neurology of Aging, 3rd Edition

133.56€ 120.20€
Discount -10 %
ISBN - 9780195369298
Autor(es) - Martin Albert, Janice Knoefel (Editores)
Editora - Oxford University Press
Ano de Edição - 2011
N º de Páginas - 768


- User-friendly, with practical, clinically relevant advice to help clinicians care for the elderly
- Expanded section on dementia, with new information from a rapidly advancing knowledge base
- Revised movement disorders section, reflecting increased understanding of genetics and sleep in movement disorders.
- New topics of pain management and palliative care explore improved specific symptom management of chronic and end-of-life neurological conditions.

Clinical Neurology of Aging, Third Edition continues the tradition of the First (1984) and Second (1994) editions with 60 chapters written by the world's elite clinicians from neurology, geriatrics and research on all aspects of geriatric neurology.
Aging does not automatically imply decline. Many older people find joy in their friendships and their willingness to look at the world with a calmer view than they may have had in youth. This clinically focused book is designed to help clinicians help older persons maintain that joy.
Now divided into 9 comprehensive sections, the Third Edition contains subjects ranging from geriatric assessment to pain management and palliative care. Specific sections include: Introduction to Geriatric Neurology; Neurological Assessment in Aging; Cognitive Disorders in Aging; Motor Disorders in Aging; Neuropsychiatric Illness in Aging; Sensory Disturbance in Aging; Peripheral Neurology of Aging; Disease States in Elderly; and Neurological Therapeutics.
With a deft touch, the editors - Drs. Martin Albert and Janice Knoefel - have incorporated the geriatric care perspective and a quality-oriented approach to health care throughout the volume. The result: the definitive reference, useful for all clinicians caring for older people and informative to those who set policies that affect research and clinical practice.