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The Art of Treatment Planning: Dental and Medical Approaches to the face and smile

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ISBN - 9781850971979
Autor(es) - Rafi Romano
Editora - Quintessence Publishing
Ano de Edição -
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N º de páginas: 480

Ano de Edição: 2009


Proper dissemination of knowledge in the dental specialties is currently one of the biggest obstacles to consistent improvement in care. This book examines the treatment-planning process from a multidisciplinary perspective in an effort to balance the very complex process of diagnosis with the need for simplicity and coherence. Innovations in techniques and materials appear on a daily basis. At the same time, patients today demand individualized treatment plans that address not only their dental and/or esthetic problems but their self-image and personal expectations as well. Like its predecessor, The Art of the Smile, this book promotes theoretical understanding while offering practical insight and clinical guidance. It is intended for the beginner and the advanced clinician alike, each seeking the tools necessary to achieve an optimal result.


Section I: Recent Innovations in Treatment Planning and Methodologies
1. Dental and Paradental Disciplines Essential for Comprehensive Treatment Planning: A Literature Review
2. Treatment Planning and Transfer of Implants and Their Superstructures to the Clinical Field Through Guided Surgery
3. Immediate Loading of Implants Placed into Fresh Extraction Sockets

Section II: Restoring Dental Function and Esthetics
4. Treatment Planning for Esthetic Anterior Single-Tooth Implants
5. Multifactorial Parameters in Peri-Implant Soft Tissue Management
6. Implants in the Esthetic Zone: Contemporary Concepts
7. Scientific Advances in Tooth-Whitening Processes
8. Parameters for Integrating Esthetics with Function
9. Soft and Hard Tissue Augmentation in the Posterior Mandible
10. Porcelain Laminate Veneers: Predictable Tooth Preparation for Complex Cases

Section III: Innovative Concepts in Orthodontic Therapy
11. The Proportions of Facial Balance: An Esthetic Apprasial
12. Harmony of the Oral Components
13. Innovations in Three-Dimensional Imaging Techniques
14. Class II Maxillomandibular Protrusion Correction: Creating Soft Tissue Profile Harmony
15 Esthetic Proportions of the Smile

Section IV: Achieving Facial Balance and Harmony
16. Facial Agings
17. Lip Repositioning Surgery: A Solution to the Extremely High Lip Line
18. Secondary Rhinoplasty
19. Facial Treatment with Botulinum Toxin
20. Rebalancing the Aging Face Through Lipomodelingi

Section V: Patient Communication and Motivation
21. How to Increase Case Acceptance

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