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Dental Pathology: A Practical Introduction

63.60€ 57.24€
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ISBN - 9783540716907
Autor(es) - Pieter J. Slootweg
Editora - Springer
Ano de Edição -
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N º de páginas: 84

Ano de Edição: 2007


This book will help dentists and oral surgeons to recognize and diagnose gross dental abnormalities.
  • Provides practically applicable knowledge on histology and histopathology of the changes that are seen in diseases of the dental and periodontal tissues.
  • Includes the disturbances in tooth formation, acquired dental diseases including caries and its sequelae for the tooth-surrounding tissues, periodontal disease and odontogenic tumours.
  • On top of all this, attention is also paid to the histological alterations induced by dental treatment.
    • In sum, then, this work will prove to be an invaluable companion for dental practitioners who need to make diagnoses on these kinds of conditions.

      • alveolar bone
      • gingiva
      • periodontium
      • tumor