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Community Nutrition: Planning Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, 2nd Edition

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ISBN - 9781449652937
Autor(es) - Nweze Nnakwe
Editora - Jones & Bartlett Learning
Ano de Edição - 2013
N º de Páginas - 472


Thoroughly revised and updated, Community Nutrition: Planning Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Second Edition provides students with the knowledge, skills, tools, and evidence-based approaches that they need to promote health and prevent diseases. The Second Edition provides pertinent statistics on the national health objectives for 2010 and discusses traditional concepts as well as current and emerging nutrition issues. Real-world examples throughout the text explain nutritional concepts and present the reader with an application of these important topics. Instead of presenting the business and hospital-based care perspective used by most other books in this area, this text focuses on public health and community-based care.

The book is divided into three parts:

- Part 1 provides an overview of community and public health nutrition landscapes, and lays the foundation for primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention.
- Part II focuses on the knowledge and intervention skills needed to promote health and prevent disease throughout the life cycle.
- Part III focuses on the skills, knowledge, and tools community nutritionists need to design effective nutrition and health promotion programs.

New to the Second Edition:

- Public and Community Health Objectives including  Canadian, U.S., and World Health Promotion Objectives
- Healthy People 2020 and the Healthy People 2010 Progress Report
- The Nutrition Care Process approved for the profession of nutrition and dietetics practice
- Mapping tools in community assessment

Table of Contents

I  Overview of the Public Health Nutrition Landscape
  Chapter 1  Community Nutrition and Public Health
  Chapter 2  Nutrition Screening and Assessment
  Chapter 3  Nutrition Epidemiology and Research Methods
  Chapter 4  U.S. Nutrition Monitoring and Food Assistance Programs
  Chapter 5  Cultural Influences and Public Health Nutrition
  Chapter 6  Public Policy and Nutrition
  Chapter 7  Public Health Nutrition: An International Perspective
Part II  Nutrition Interventions for Vulnerable Populations
  Chapter 8  Nutrition During Pregnancy and Infancy
  Chapter 9  Nutrition in Childhood and Adolescence
  Chapter 10  Adulthood: Special Health Issues
  Chapter 11   Promoting Health and Preventing Disease in Older Persons
Part III  Delivering Successful Nutrition Services
  Chapter 12  Principles of Planning Effective Community Nutrition Programs
  Chapter 13  Theories and Models for Health Promotion and Changing Nutrition Behavior
  Chapter 14  Acquiring Grantsmanship Skills
  Chapter 15  Ethics and Nutrition Practice
  Chapter 16  Principles of Nutrition Education
  Chapter 17  Marketing Nutrition Programs and the Role of Food Industry in Food Choice
  Chapter 18   Private and Government Healthcare Systems
  A  Intervention Messages
  B  Nutrition Assessment and Screening
  C  Complementary and Alternative Practices
  D  Principles of the Ethical Practice of Public Health
  E  MyPlate
  G  The Research Process
  H  Guidelines for Assessing Evidence of Causation