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Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

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ISBN - 9781843922223
Autor(es) - Stephen Smallbone, William L. Marshall, Richard Wortley
Editora - Willan Publishing
Ano de Edição - 2008
N º de Páginas - 272


Public policy responses to child sexual abuse are dominated by interventions designed to take effect only after offenders have already begun offending, and after children have already been sexually abused. Comparatively little attention has been given to alternative prevention strategies - particularly to those aimed at preventing sexual abuse before it might otherwise occur. Considerable knowledge has been accumulated on the characteristics, modus operandi and persistence of offenders, the characteristics, circumstances and outcomes for victims, and the physical and social settings in which sexual abuse occurs, but little work has been done to systematically apply this knowledge to prevention.

This book aims to fulfill this objective through integrating clinical and criminological concepts and knowledge to inform a more comprehensive and effective public policy approach to preventing child sexual abuse. Empirical and theoretical knowledge concerning child sexual abuse is integrated with broader developments in evidence-based crime and child maltreatment prevention, leading to new ideas about understanding and preventing child sexual abuse. This book will be essential reading for anybody with interests in this field.


1 Child sexual abuse: definitions, dimensions and scope of the problem
Defining child sexual abuse
Dimensions of child sexual abuse
Scope of the problem

2 Explaining child sexual abuse: a new integrated theory
Biological foundations
Developmental influences
Ecosystemic influences
Situational influences

3 Identifying prevention targets
Current approaches to prevention
Implications of the integrated theory for preventing sexual abuse
Offenders, victims, situations and communities

4 Developmental prevention
Conceptual and empirical foundations
Developmental prevention of CSA offending

5 Criminal justice interventions
Detection, investigation and prevention
The psychology of punishment
Deterrence strategies
Incapacitation strategies

6 Treating adult and adolescent offenders
General principles
Treatments for adult CSA offenders
Treatments for adolescent CSA offenders
Treatment outcomes

7 Victim-focused prevention
Interventions with potential victims
Interventions with known victims

8 Situational prevention
Conceptual and empirical foundations
Situational prevention of CSA

9 Community-focused approaches
Community-focused approaches to crime prevention
Community-focused approaches to preventing maltreatment
Community-focused approaches to preventing sexual abuse

10 Towards a comprehensive prevention strategy
Primary prevention
Secondary prevention
Tertiary prevention
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