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Workbook for EMT Prehospital Care, 4th Edition

34.98€ 31.48€
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ISBN - 9780323085342
Autor(es) - Mark C. Henry, Edward R. Stapleton
Editora - Mosby
Ano de Edição - 2011
N º de Páginas - 211


Strengthen your understanding of key content in all areas of prehospital care with over 1,900 engaging activities!
Now updated to reflect the 2010 emergency cardiovascular care guidelines, the exercises help you look beyond and explore the physiology and pathophysiology behind why procedures are performed.
Complete coverage of objectives of the U.S. DOT National Standard Curriculum for the EMT-Basic and the National Education Standards give you the knowledge and critical-thinking skills you need for success in exams and in the field.

New to this edition

- Updated to reflect the 2010 emergency cardiovascular care guidelines.
- Skill sequencing exercises help you review the order of EMT skills.
- Updated patient assessment exercises include additional critical-thinking questions and help you apply concepts to real life practice.
- Content on abuse and assault prepares you to treat victims of domestic violence with empathy and respect and alerts you to potential dangers.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Emergency Medical Care
2. Well-Being of the EMT
3. Medicolegal and Ethical Issues
4. The Human Body
5. Lifting and Moving Patients
6. The Airway
7. Patient Assessment
8. Communications
9. Documentation
10. General Pharmacology
11. Respiratory Emergencies
12. Cardiovascular Emergencies
13. Altered Mental Status
14. Allergies
15. Poisoning and Overdoses
16. Environmental Emergencies
17. Behavioral Emergencies
18. Abuse and Assault
19. Obstetrics and Gynecology
20. Bleeding and Shock
21. Soft Tissue Injuries
22. Chest and Abdominal Emergencies
23. Musculoskeletal Care
24. Injuries to the Head and Spine
25. Infants and Children
26. Ambulance Operations
27. Gaining Access
28. Disasters and Hazardous Materials
29. Advanced Airway Management
30. Weapons of Mass Destruction and the EMT
31. Geriatric Emergencies