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Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 7th Edition

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ISBN - 9781416065937
Autor(es) - Stephen J. Ettinger, Edward C. Feldman
Editora - Saunders
Ano de Edição - 2010
N º de Páginas - 2208


Now in its 7th edition, this popular, must-have text remains the only encyclopedic resource for veterinary internal medical problems. The internationally acclaimed "gold standard" offers unparalleled coverage of pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting dogs and cats, as well as the latest information on the genome, clinical genomics, euthanasia, innocent heart murmurs, hyperbaric medicine, home prepared and raw diets, obesity, botulism, artificial pacing of the heart, cancer vaccines, and more. The 7th edition combines the convenience of a two-volume printed textbook with the enhanced functionality of a regularly updated Expert Consult website that enables you to electronically search your entire book and study more efficiently. With instant access to the most reliable, up-to-date information available, you'll always be at the forefront of veterinary care!

Key Features

- Continually updated, fully searchable online text provides fast, easy access to the most current, reliable information in the field.
- More than 150 clinical algorithms throughout the text aid in disease-identification and decision-making.
- Expanded online chapter content enhances your understanding through additional text, illustrations, tables, and boxes.
- Hyperlinked client information sheets streamline reference of specific conditions and enhance communication with clients.
- Extensive online reference list directs you to full-text PubMed abstracts for additional research.

New to This Edition

- Thoroughly updated and expanded content, including 90 new chapters, addresses the latest developments across the full spectrum of small animal care.
- Companion Expert Consult website enhances your learning experience with the ability to search the entire electronic text instantly for easy reference. Expert Consult also gives you instant access to:
More than 150 procedural videos that guide you step-by-step through essential procedures.
Audio files that help you identify heart abnormalities by their sound.

Table of Contents

1. The Physical Examination
2. Clinical Problem Solving: Using This Textbook NEW!
3. Clueing in Customers
4. The Genome NEW!
5. Gene Therapy NEW!
6. Clinical Genomics NEW!
7. Rational Use of Diagnostic Tests NEW!
8. Euthanasia NEW!
9. Home Euthanasia NEW!
10. Hyperthermia and Fever of Unknown Origin
11. Hypothermia
12. Pain Identification and Management
13. The Skin as a Sensor of Internal Medicine Disorders
14. Alopecia NEW!
15. Pruritus
16. Cutaneous and Subcutaneous Lumps, Bumps, and Masses
17. Erosions and Ulcerations
18. Pustules and Papules
19. Scaling and Crusting Dermatoses NEW!
20. Changes in Pigmentation
21. Fleas, Flea Allergy, and Flea Control
22. Genital Dermatoses NEW!
23. Other External Parasites
24. Edema NEW!
25. Hepatocutaneous Syndrome
26. Management of Atopy NEW!
27. Obesity, Biology, and Management NEW!
28. Cachexia
29. Failure to Grow
30. Swollen Joints and Lameness NEW!
31. Body Odors
32. Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Disease
33. Acute Vision Loss in Small Animals
34. Abdominal Distention, Ascites, and Peritonitis NEW!
35. Weakness
36. Vaginal, Vulvar, and Preputial Discharge
37. Polyuria and Polydipsia
38. Micturition Disorders and Urinary Incontinence
39. Hematuria and Other Conditions Causing Discolored Urine NEW!
40. Proteinuria NEW!
41. Anorexia NEW!
42. Polyphagia
43. Periodontitis NEW!
44. Ptyalism
45. Gagging NEW!
46. Dysphagia and Regurgitation EW!
47. Vomiting
48. Diarrhea
49. Melena and Hematochezia NEW!
50. Constipation, Tenesmus, Dyschezia, and Fecal Incontinence NEW!
51. Flatulence
52. Neurologic Manifestations of Systemic Disease NEW!
53. Movement Disorders NEW!
54. Tremor Syndromes NEW!
55. Ataxia, Paresis, and Paralysis NEW!
56. Altered States of Conciousness: Stupor and Coma
57. Seizures
58. Deficits of Function Due to Peripheral Cranial Neuropathies NEW!
59. Sleep Disorders
60. Cognitive Dysfunction in Aged Dogs
61. Behavioral Disorders NEW!
62. Preventive Behavioral Care NEW!
63. Coughing
64. Dyspnea and Tachypnea NEW!
65. Innocent Heart Murmurs NEW!
66. Abnormal Heart Sounds and Heart Murmurs NEW AUDIO CLIPS
67. Pulse Alterations NEW!
68. Pleural Effusion NEW!
69. Sneezing and Nasal Discharge
70. Syncope NEW!
71. Pallor
72. Polycythemia
73. Cyanosis
74. Jaundice NEW!
75. Bleeding Disorders: Epistaxis and Hemoptysis
76. Petechiae and Ecchymoses
77. Electrolyte Disorders: Sodium (Hyper/Hyponatremia) NEW !
78. Electrolyte Disorders: Potassium (Hyper/Hypokalemia) NEW !
79. Electrolyte Disorders: Ca-P and Mg NEW!
80. Venous and Arterial Puncture
81. Jugular Catheterization and Central Venous Pressure
82. Diagnostic Methods: Bacterial, Fungal, and Viral Disease NEW!
83. Fecal Examination NEW!
84. Ear Vein Blood Glucose Monitoring
85. Nasoesophageal, Esophagostomy, Gastrostomy, and Jejunal Tube Placement Techniques NEW!
86. Veterinary Nuclear Medicine
87. Digital Radiology, DICOM, PACS NEW!
88. Interventional Radiology/Interventional Endoscopy NEW!
89. Hyperbaric Medicine
90. Constant Rate Infusions NEW!
91. Buccal Mucosal Bleeding Time NEW!
92. Ear Flushing
93. Skin Scrapings and Skin Biopsies
94. Cytology of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissues
95. Abdominal Ultrasonography NEW!
96. Abdominal Ultrasound: Aspirations and Biopsies
97. Abdominocentesis and Diagnostic/Peritoneal Lavage
98. Laparoscopy
99. Techniques for Bone Marrow Aspiration
100. Cytology of Internal Organs NEW!
101. Arthrocentesis and Arthroscopy NEW!
102. Lymph Node Aspiration and Biopsy NEW!
103. Rhinoscopy, Nasal Flushing, and Biopsy
104. Diagnostic Blood Pressure Measurement
105. Pulse Oximetry NEW!
106. Transtracheal Wash and Bronchoscopy NEW!
107. Thoracic and Pericardial Taps and Drains NEW!
108. Fine Needle Aspiration and Lung Biopsy
109. Electrocardiographic (ECG) Techniques NEW!
110. Echocardiography
111. Cystocentesis and Bladder Catheterization
112. Unblocking the Urethra of the Male Cat
113. Peritoneal Dialysis
114. CCRT NEW!
115. Gastric Lavage
116. Endoscopic and Cytologic Procedures for Evaluation of the Gastrointestinal Tract NEW!
117. Cerebrospinal Fluid Collection, Myelography, and Epidurals NEW!
118. Muscle and Nerve Biopsy
119. Electromyogaphy and Nerve Conduction Velocity Studies NEW!
120. Brain Biopsy
121. Imaging Neurological Patients NEW!
122. Artificial Insemmination in the Dog
123. Transcervical Catheterization in the Bitch
124. Acid-Base, Oximetry, and Blood Gas Emergencies
125. Acute Abdomen NEW!
126. Cardiac Emergencies
127. Cardiopulmonary Arrest and Resuscitation NEW!
128. Traumatic Brain Injury
129. Crystalloid and Colloid Fluid Therapy NEW!
130. Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Syndrome
131. Gastrointestinal Emergencies
132. Global Approach to the Trauma Patient
133. Heatstroke NEW!
134. Hepatic and Splenic Emergencies
135. Oxygen Therapy NEW!
136. Renal Emergencies NEW!
137. Reproductive Emergencies
138. Sepsis and the Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome NEW!
139. Shock
140. Systemic Anaphylaxis
141. Thoracic Trauma
142. Blood Transfusions, Component Therapy, and Oxygen-Carrying Solutions
143. Pulmonary Emergencies
144. Intoxication versus Acute, Nontoxicologic Illness: Diff. the two [Full title?]
145. Food Safety and Toxicities NEW!
146. Venomous Bites and Stings NEW PICTURES!
147. Plant Toxicities NEW PICTURES!
148. Topical Toxins
149. Human Rx and Street Drugs NEW!
150. Chemical Toxicities
151. Blood Pressure Assessment and Pathophysiology of Systemic Hypertension
152. Management of Hypertension
153. Hypotension
154. Antimicrobial Drug Therapy
155. Antifungal Drug Therapy NEW!
156. Over-the-Counter Human Medications NEW!
157. Glucocorticoid Therapy NEW!
158. Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Analgesics
159. Antioxidants and Nutraceuticals in Health and Disease REVISED!
160. Compounding Drugs
161. Adverse Drug Reactions
162. Probiotics NEW!
163. Nutritional Genomics NEW!
164. Nutritional Assessment NEW!
165. Body Composition of the Dog and Cat NEW!
166. Immunology and Nutrition NEW!
167. Obesity NEW!
168. Feline Nutrition NEW!
169. Dental Nutrition NEW!
170. Nutrition of Healthy Dogs and Cats in Various Stages of Adult Life
171. Neonatal and Pediatric Nutrition
172. Nutrition-Related Skeletal Disorders NEW!
173. Adverse Reactions to Foods: Allergies Versus Intolerance
174. Nutritional Management of Gastrointestinal Conditions
175. Nutritional Management of Hepatic Conditions NEW!
176. Nutritional Management of Endocrine Diseases NEW!
177. Nutritional Modulation and Cytokines of Heart Disease NEW!

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