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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - Principles and Practice

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - Principles and Practice

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ISBN: 9780781741309
Ano: 2000


This standard defining setting physical medicine and rehabilitation text is now in its Fourth Edition, with thoroughly updated content and a more clinical focus. In the book over 150 e...

This standard defining setting physical medicine and rehabilitation text is now in its Fourth Edition, with thoroughly updated content and a more clinical focus.
In the book over 150 expert contributors (most new to this edition) address the full range of issues in contemporary PM-R and present state of the art patient management strategies, emphasising evidence-based recommendations.
This edition has two separate volumes on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine, and each volume has sections on principles of evaluation and management, management methods, major problems, and specific disorders.


  • The most comprehensive book on the market
  • More clinically useful evidence-based information
  • Treatment algorithms and boxed lists of key clinical facts have been added to many chapters
  • Now with a newly organised format to make physical medicine and rehabilitation medicine retrieval easier
  • Emphasis on evidenced-based recommendations

    • New to this Edition
      • Title change to reflect the reorganisation of book
      • Now 2 volumes (one for Physical Medicine one for Rehabilitation Medicine)
      • 150 new contributing authors
      • Much more pedagogy (algorithm table checklists)

        • Contents

          Physical Medicine

          I. Principles of Evaluation and Management
          1 Clinical Evaluation
          2 The Physical Examination
          3 Electrodiagnostic Evaluation of the Peripheral Nervous System
          4 Central Nervous System Electrophysiology
          5 Assessment of Human Muscle Function
          6 Human Walking
          7 Disability Determination
          8 Imaging Techniques Relative to Rehabilitation
          9 Functional Neuroimaging in Medical Rehabilitation Populations

          II. Management Methods
          10 Interactions with the Medicolegal System
          11 Therapeutic Physical Agents
          12 Biofeedback in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
          13 Manipulation, Massage and Traction
          14 Injection Procedures
          15 The Pharmacology of Analgesic Agents
          16 Spinal Injection Procedures
          17 Therapeutic Exercise
          18 Electrotherapy in Rehabilitation
          19 Complementary and Alternative Medicine
          20 Aquatic Rehabilitation

          III. Major Problems
          21 Treatment of the Patient with Chronic Pain
          22 Palliative Care
          23 Sports Medicine
          24 Recreation and Sport for Persons with Disabilities
          25 Arts Medicine

          IV. Specific Disorders
          26 Cumulative Trauma Disorders
          27 Disorders of the Cervical Spine
          28 Low Back Pain
          29 Scoliosis
          30 Osteoporosis
          31 Rehabilitation of the Patient with Inflammatory Arthritis and Connective Tissue Disease
          32 Osteoarthritis
          33 Peripheral Vascular Diseases
          34 Rehabilitation of Persons with Parkinsons Disease and Other Movement Disorders
          35 Upper Extremity Soft Tissues Injuries
          36 Hand Disorders
          37 Rehabilitation After Lower Limb Joint Reconstruction
          38 Foot Disorders/Shoes
          39 Peripheral Neuropathy
          40 Myopathy
          41 Motor Neuron Disease
          42 Vestibular Rehabilitation

          Rehabilitation Medicine

          I. Principles of Evaluation and Management
          43 Functional Evaluation and Management of Self Care and Other Activities of Daily Living
          44 Psychological Aspects of Rehabilitation
          45 Speech, Language, Swallowing and Auditory Rehabilitation
          46 Rehabilitation Team Function and Prescriptions, Referrals, and Order Writing
          47 Vocational Rehabilitation, Independent Living and Consumerism
          48 Ethical Issues in Rehabilitation Medicine
          49 The International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health: ICF Empowering Rehabilitation Through an Operational Bio-Psycho-Social Model
          50 Research in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
          51 Administration and Management in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
          52 International Aspects of Rehabilitation
          53 Principles and Applications of Measurement Methods
          54 Systematically Assessing and Improving the Quality and Outcomes of Medical Rehabilitation Programs
          55 Measuring Quality of Life in Rehabilitation Medicine

          II. Management Methods
          56 Pharmacotherapy of Disability
          57 Medical Emergencies
          58 Nutrition in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
          59 Wheelchairs
          60 Assistive Technology
          61 Upper and Lower Extremity Prosthetics
          62 Spinal Orthotics
          63 Upper Extremity Orthotics
          64 Lower Extremity Orthotics, Shoes and Gait Aids
          65 Gait Restoration and Gait Aids
          66 Functional Neuromuscular Stimulation
          67 Spasticity and Movement Disorders
          68 Immobility and Inactivity Physiological and Functional Change Prevention and Treatment

          III. Major Problems
          69 Primary Care for Persons with Disabilities
          70 Children with Disabilities
          71 Congenital and Childhood Onset Disabilities: Age Related Changes and Secondary Conditions in Mobility Impairments
          72 Geriatric Rehabilitation
          73 Health Issues for Women with Disabilities
          74 Sexuality and Disability

          IV. Specific Conditions
          75 Pressure Ulcers
          76 Neurogenic Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction
          77 Stroke Rehabilitation
          78 Rehabilitation Issues in Traumatic Brain Injury
          79 Rehabilitation of Spinal Cord Injury
          80 Multiple Sclerosis
          81 Rehabilitation for Patients with Cancer Diagnoses
          82 Rehabilitation of the Individual with HIV
          83 Cardiac Rehabilitation
          84 Rehabilitation of the Patient with Respiratory Dysfunction
          85 Burn Rehabilitation
          86 Low Vision Rehabilitation
          87 Auditory Rehabilitation Using Cochlear Implants
          88 Transplantation Medicine: A Rehabilitation Perspective